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List of facilities. Any space or area not designated as part of a Hosted Area is part of the General Area.

First Floor


  • General work space with outlets, part of the "General" hosted areas. Has a projector w screen, Game consoles and the library. The General Operations Team, having inheriting all of the areas and responsibilities of the former General Area Host, is trying to update and tidy things. Members have asked for a space to work solo on laptops or pads with electrical and USB power "kinda like at Coffee bars". So we are currently building the "PS1 Starbuck and a quarter Laptop Ledge" with stools. Proper elec/USB strips, trim and below the bar decorative wall are yet to come.Laptopbarmid.jpg

Other member requests will be discussed and carefully considered by the GOT host team.



  • Sink
  • Induction burner
  • Microwave
  • Oven
  • Refrigerator


  • Assorted tools for woodworking

General Work Space

  • 4 work tables
  • red tool cabinets
  • Personal project storage cabinets for full members


  • Four unisex, single-occupancy bathrooms; four downstairs and one upstairs
  • Numbers One & Two located in Lounge
  • Numbers Three & Four located in CNC
  • Number Five located in Electronics (upstairs, has shower, bring your own towel)

There is a wiki page about bathroom.

Utility Room (General Area)

  • furnace
  • air compressors

Loading Dock (General Area)

  • overhead door
  • hydraulic lift

Boiler Room (General Area)

  • fuses
  • other equipment potentially useful to contractors


We have three distinct areas (each a separate Hosted Area, with it's own area host, budget, and equipment) for working with metals:

Hot Metals

  • where you can weld, forge, roughly cut, etc. metals.

Cold Metals

  • where you can do precise metalworking with large equipment

Small Metals

  • the place for all your nonferrous small metal and jewelry-making needs.

Second Floor

Electronics/Mechatronics Lab

  • Assorted electronic test equipment and power supplies
  • Assorted component and hardware
  • Soldering equipment and electrical wire/components
  • Video projector
  • White board
  • Speakers

Graphic Arts and Textiles

  • Projector
  • Available art supplies
  • Available fabric, thread, sewing machine, serger, iron, sewing tools, and loom.
  • Eight foot sewing cutting table/craft table

Catwalk (General Area)

  • IT Server rack with server equipment available for experimentation and personal projects
  • Personal project storage cabinets for full members

2nd Floor Bathroom

  • Unisex, with shower.


  • Pooping Station One, Two, Three, Four, and Five
  • Unisex, single-occupancy, four downstairs and one upstairs
    • One & Two located in Lounge
    • Three & Four located in CNC
    • Five located in Electronics
  • Upstairs bathroom has shower (bring your own towel)https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Towel_Day