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Hot Metals
Hosted Since: 2014-05-07
Location: West side of new area
Equipment: Category:Hot Metals
Area Host Contact Details
Name: Ron Olson
Phone: 312-772-3864
Email: hotmetals {at}
Other Contact: tachoknight {at}
Office Hours: Check the calendar
Certifications: by request

Area Rules

  1. Use the required safety gear for the tool you are using. Know where the closest fire extinguisher is as well as the first aid kit. And pay attention to what you are doing.
  2. Clean up after yourself - sweep, throw out little garbage bits, put large scrap pieces in the scrap storage locations.
  3. Label your projects - Name, phone number, email, and date it each time you work on it.
  4. Put things back when you're done - Lets try to make sure everyone can find the tool they are looking for once you are finished.
  5. Respect all the tools - They are hungry beasts and will maim you. Don't be goofing off in the shop. Only use tools you are certified to use.
  6. If something breaks, put a note on it and contact the Area Host, don't just leave it for the next person to find.
  7. Make awesome things!

Project Storage

  1. Projects too large for your locker cannot be left in the shop in a manner that makes any tool unusable. If you have to store your project in the shop, you can store it temporarily in the 'temporary' storage area.
  2. You must have a label with your name, phone number, and email on your project and any materials that belong to you. Every time you work on it, write the date on your label.
  3. If a project is untouched for 30 days, the project will be considered abandoned and be made available to the membership as scrap or thrown away.
  4. Your project may not be stored in the space for more than 60 days TOTAL time, whether you worked on it daily or once every other week.

For best results, have all the materials on hand when you start a project and set aside time to finish it quickly so we don't have projects laying all over the shop, half done, for months.


Some safety equipment is currently available:

  • goggles
  • gloves (including welding gloves)
  • respirator
  • ear protection
  • painter suits
  • welding masks
  • fire extinguishers

Users are encouraged to use this equipment as recommended for each tool.

If you see someone using the equipment improperly, either show them how to do it right, or ask them to stop and seek certification. Notify the Area Host if anyone is abusing, damaging, or messing with the tools in an inappropriate fashion.

Tools Available

All equipment in the workshop has been tagged Category:Shop Equipment.

All equipment requires certification to be used. Please see the individual tool pages for information on who can certify you to use these tools.

Using the tools

If it belongs to PS:One, please be nice to the tools. If they belong to a member who is awesome enough to loan us their personal gear, make sure you treat it extra nice and also, get their permission first.

Please be respectful and aware of others working in the shop at the same time you are. If you are throwing sparks, throw them away from other people. If you are walking around with hot metal, say something so others know where you are and don't get branded. If you are going to start making a lot of noise, let other people know so they can get some ear protection, don't just deafen them.


It is required that you be authorized before using any equipment in the Hot Metal Shop. There are several Canvas courses that you must take to learn about using the equipment before coming in for the hands-on portion.

Please note that you will need to successfully complete the courses to be authorized. If you are not looking to be authorized on other Hot Metal Shop equipment not explicitly mentioned below (e.g., powder coating), you still need to complete course #1.

You will need to show that you have successfully completed the relevant courses before you can be scheduled for an in-person authorization.

Hot Metals: General

Hot Metals: Class Safety

Hot Metals: MIG Welding

Hot Metals: TIG Welding

Hot Metals: Changing a Cylinder

Hot Metals: Blacksmithing

General use of Hot Metals and tools not listed below

Hot Metals: General

MIG Welding

1. Hot Metals: General

2. Hot Metals: Changing A Cylinder

3. Hot Metals: MIG Welding

TIG Welding

1. Hot Metals: General

2. Hot Metals: Changing A Cylinder

3. Hot Metals: TIG Welding


1. Hot Metals: General

2. Hot Metals: Blacksmithing


Q: I am already authorized on the equipment; do I still need to complete these courses?

A: No. It might not hurt to run through them anyway, especially the safety ones.

Q: What about the CNC or Handheld Plasma machines? I don’t see a course for them.

A: Equipment that does not have a specific course will still be explained by the authorizer. You will still need to complete the general course to attend any authorization. Powder Coating and CNC Plasma courses are in the works so stay tuned for those to come.

Q: I tried to log into Canvas but was unable to; what happens then?

A: Complain. Loudly. Specifically, you can complain on the #general, #canvas, #hotmetalshop, or #forging Slack channels. You can also send an email to We will strive to keep Canvas up and running but if it goes down, we will keep you posted in the various Slack channels. You can also email me at and I’ll also complain on your behalf.

Q: Why? Why do I have to do this?

A: One of the issues that has come up through the years is that the authorizer has typically come up with their own list of things to go over. With the variability of experience of the membership, some folks are already familiar with the equipment and want simply to be authorized and get going on their project; sometimes important safety material is accidently skipped. By standardizing the general course materials on Canvas, more time can be spent working with the equipment.


Check Sources for where you can pick up materials, toolkits, etc.

Tidy Space